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#3 time Champion  

Guliver Betelges 

RMD is very proud to introduce this one and only champion stud of his kind in America, Guliver is a treasure for the Dobermans breed all together. Rarest blood line that no other breeder has in the states. He's very sought after by other breeders and those just want the highest quality Doberman a champion of champions before he was 2 years of age in Europe and Macedonia

Stud service available $3500 plus fee's


RMD Is comitted to provide the best of the best. and it gets no better then Guliver. We honored in being blessed with Guliver. Guliver favorite things is corn dogs running free in the pastures chasing pheasants and chucker's. He thinks he a bird dog. 
Guliver enjoys romping in the ponds or just being a 100 pound lap dog.Guliver is a wonderful watch dog with a big bark  Guliver is a little shy of strangers but he warms right up to those he knows we're ok with. 


Please click pedigree image above for linages 
of Gulivers of his sire Famous  Eutay Del Nasi. We very proud to introduce this Amazing floppy ear gentle loving handsome fella. Guliver is DNA clear for all DNA defects HIPs B, thyroid good, Heart echo good, all blood panels normal, eyes normal

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